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I am a writer who is trying to understand the world. I write on philosophy, psychology, social justice, and everything else. For more info:

The sky is big enough for every bird to fly

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  1. these “rich” folks are here again to exploit our people and make more money for themselves.
  2. this is an opportunity for my people to play the game smarter and gain more from this interaction.
  3. this is an opportunity for the corporation to expand and achieve its financial goal. …

In the real world cooperation is not a terrible choice

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My health ordeal

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There is no secret to success

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Everything is random, depending on how much you know

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Here is what is taking irreligion to its tipping point

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The People Who Make Ideas Go Viral

It's not in a math domain

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Understanding Probability

We are only told one side of the story

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What Is Free Will and Determinism?

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